Zamru Lo (Praise Him!)
One of the best CDs to come out of the Messianic body in Israel.

Michael, Annie and little Rachel in Caesarea
Michael, Annie and little Rachel in Caesarea

Israel Unique is a family business run by believers in Yeshua (Jesus) from Nahariya, Israel. We distribute authentic items designed for believers who love Israel and the Jews. In our Webshop, you can find some quality products:

  • Books mostly by "writers of olde", including titles by authors David Baron, Adolph Saphir, Alfred Edersheim, Joseph Frey, E.W. Edersheim, Risto Santala and others. Most of our titles are printed by Keren Ahvah Meshihit, Jerusalem, and are timeless Hebrew Christian classics.
  • A selection of Quality Music CDs produced by believers in Israel.
  • A selection of Unique Gifts from Israel
  • Browse our articles to find some heart-warming testimonies, as well as theological articles and information for tourists planning a trip to Israel.

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    In the Holy Scriptures, Jesus is titled 'The True God and Eternal Life'. However, some have attempted to attack that wonderful truth. This article gives a detailed defence of it and an explanation of why it has to refer to our Lord.

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