Joseph & Benjamin or The Most Important Doctrines of the Messianic Faith, Vol I & II
18th century Jewish believer expounds the doctrines of faith to his non-believing brother.

Israel My Glory
Israel My Glory
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Israel My Glory was first published in 1894 and later reappeared under the title "God's Plan for the Jew". It is a classic summary of the Biblical message of God's unchanging love for His covenant people, and of their eventual full restoration and blessing.

"Christian commentaries and sermons are often characterized by spiritualizing all promises made to Israel and literalizing all curses denouced on the same people," the author says. "The terms Israelites and Gentiles are not interchangeable, but are as distinct as are the peoples to whom they apply. We must let Israel mean Israel, and Gentiles mean Gentiles, or we miss the purpose of God in the miraulous origin, history and preservation of natural and national Israel. Observing carefully this distinction, the Holy Scriptures are easily understood, and we learn without difficulty what God intends to do with the Jewish people, and by them, in blessing the Gentile world."

Chapter names:

  • Election
  • Confirmation
  • Rejection
  • Restoration
  • The Jew and the Gospel
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Millennial Glory
  • The King on His Throne
  • Appendix: An Exposition of Romans Eleven

118 pages.

ISBN: 965-447-101-9

This book was warmly recommended to me by some critical readers.

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