This Same Yeshua - Playback Version
Price $18

The plackback (music only) version of This Same Yeshua. Good for children's activities, nativity plays and performances.

Melodies of the Kingdom
Price $8

Peaceful and relaxing instrumental music, mainly classical guitar and flutes. Probably Sasha & Anya's best instrumental CD to date.

Sh'lom Elohim - The Peace of God
Price $8

Peaceful and relaxing instrumental music.

Ronu Shamayim
Price $14
Instrumental guitar praise from Israel, played by Israeli Jewish believer in Jesus, Michael Nissim.

Is Psalm 69 Messianic?

Psalm 69 is quoted in the New Testament as speaking of the Messiah, yet there is confession of failure in the Psalm. How can this be? Do we take this Psalm to be Messianic or simply about King David?

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